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Upcoming Auditions - September 2014

Notes on audition listings:As a general rule, I only list American auditions. I will list international auditions that either take place in the US or accept recordings from US citizens. The AFM does not have contracts with international orchestras. Working conditions are not always regulated in these groups, so proceed with caution and seek advice of past players if you are offered an international position. 
I list both union and non-union domestic gigs.  

United States:

Palm Beach Opera - Assistant Principal/Utility Horn

Audition Date: September 27, 2014

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Fill out online application here ASAP. 



Los Angeles Philharmonic - Third Horn

Audition Date: November 16 & 20-25, 2014

Location: TBD, Los Angeles, CA

Send your one-page resume by September 25, 2014 to:

Please specify your instrument on your resumé and in your email subject line.



Houston Symphony - 4th Horn

Audition Date: November 10-12, 2014

Location: Houston, TX

Send your one page resume by September 29th to:

Or by mail:

Audition Coordinator, Houston Symphony 615 Louisiana St. Suite 102 Houston TX 77002-2798 Attn: Horn Auditions



Toledo Symphony - Principal Horn

Audition Date: October 20th, 2014 The auditions are scheduled to begin at 10:30am.

Location: Westgate Chapel Toledo, OH

Send your one-page resume and completed application form by September 29th to:

or by mail:

Auditions - The Toledo Symphony P.O. Box 407 Toledo, OH 43697


Lexington Philharmonic - Assistant Horn 

Audition Date: October 18, 2014 The auditions are scheduled to begin at 1:30pm

Location:  First Presbyterian Church Lexington, KY

Send your one-page resume and a $30.00 deposit check by October 3, 2014:

Audition Committee Lexington Philharmonic 161 N. Mill St., Lexington KY 40507

Resumes may also be emailed to



ProMusica Chamber Orchestra - Principal Horn and 2nd Horn (two positions open)

Audition Date: October 10, 2014

Location: TBD, Columbus, OH

Send your one-page resume and $50.00 check by October 3, 2014 to:

Tom Battenberg, Personnel Manager ProMusica Chamber Orchestra 243 North Fifth Street, Suite 202 Columbus, OH 43215.




China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra - Principal Horn, Associate Principal Horn (two positions)

Audition Dates: November 16, 2014

Location: New York, NY

Download the Application Form and email to


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