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Published in The Horn Call

Rebecca and I have been published in The Horn Call! In case you didn't know, The Horn Call is the journal of the International Horn Society:

"Since 1970, The International Horn Society (IHS) has been an organization of people from around the world drawn together with a mutual interest in the horn. We are dedicated to the performance, teaching, composition, research, preservation, and promotion of the horn as a musical instrument.

If you are not already an IHS member, it is both affordable & easy to join the IHS. There are many good reasons to join the IHS. Members receive a subscription to our journal, The Horn Call, which provides news and announcements, feature articles, clinics, music and recording reviews, workshop reports, and much of interest to all who love the horn."

We outlined the article before leaving Sarajevo last year, while everything was fresh in our minds. Many thanks to Ivana Peranić, principal cellist of Sarajevo Philharmonic for helping us fact-check, and UW-Madison horn professor/my former teacher Daniel Grabois for his editing assistance.

I hope we have presented a useful view of our experience abroad. If you're interested in having the experience for yourself, please check out my blog post containing information on applying to the program.

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