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International Auditions - May 2014

This post includes international auditions open to US citizens that recruit by DVD and/or live audition.

Sarajevo Philharmonic - 2nd and 4th Horn (two positions)

Application deadline: "Priority" Deadline was March 30, application is still open. 

Full Scholarship Musicians selected to participate in this program will have all of their travel and accommodation expenses in Bosnia and Herzegovina paid for. They will receive a small living stipend; shared housing in an apartment with the other Cultural Exchange musicians; a stipend for public transportation to and from rehearsals; basic health insurance; residency permit; and a round-trip airline ticket from a destination in the USA to Sarajevo, Bosnia - Herzegovina.

Salary for this position is currently $580/month plus housing and transportation.

For more information on my experience performing in Sarajevo, search this blog. Categories "Sarajevo Philharmonic" and "Travel" from September 2012-July 2013. I highly recommend the experience!


Hong Kong Philharmonic – 2nd Horn

Application deadline: May 23, 2014

Send application by email to, or by mail to:

Auditions, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra Level 8, Administration Building, Hong Kong Cultural Centre Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Qualified applicants, please submit your one-page résumé only at this point. 

Upon review of résumés, shortlisted candidates will have to submit their own DVD recording of selected material. After DVDs are reviewed, selected candidates will be invited to play with the Orchestra during the 2014/15 season as a trial period. During this period, individual auditions might be requested by the Music Director and the panel.
Besides regular service fees, the Orchestra will provide round trip economy class ticket and hotel accommodation for the nights required. Final result will be announced by the end of the season.

Please only send one-page résumés (in English) with address and phone number, outlining your training and professional orchestral experience. An email address, or at the very least a phone number with country code, must be supplied.

Repertoire list for shortlisted candidates and finalists will be provided upon request.

Salary for this position is $58,224 - $72,864 (Utility positions) for the 2014-15 season. 


Xi'an Symphony Orchestra – Principal Horn

Application deadline: "Long-term open recruitment"

Download registration form here.

After submitting the DVD for preliminary round, prospective candidates will be invited to the live audition in China. The orchestra does NOT mention paying for airfare to the audition.

Salary for this position is "negotiable" for principals. As a reference point, section players are paid $1000/month plus per diem for concerts.



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