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On Tuesday, we performed our most Bosnian opera to date: Hasanaginica.


Written by Asim Horozić  and premiered in the Narodno Pozorište in 2000, Hasanaginica(Hasan-Aga’s Wife) is a story taken from a Slavic epic ballad composed during the Ottoman rule. It was first published by Abbot Alberto Fortis in 1774 in a two-volume book on his travels in Dalmatia, but was most likely part of oral tradition in the Slavic regions for a couple centuries prior. 

The story of Hasan-Aga's wife is a tragedy. Hasan-Aga is wounded in battle, and is angry his wife did not accompany him to the battlefield. He summons for her and orders her to leave his castle, and to leave their children behind. As a result, her brother arranges for her to be married to another wealthy man. For the wedding procession, she asks for a long veil so she does not see her children as they pass her old castle. She ultimately does see them, stops to speak with them and dies of a broken heart. 

The opera contains a lot of folk-like melodies paired with modern compositional techniques and harmonies. I played my first gliss with this orchestra for this opera, which was very exciting... And I had to count mixed and compound meters. I had almost forgotten how after 7 months away from wind ensemble. We had one rehearsal and then performed it, so I did not have much time to get familiar with it, but I'm glad I was able to experience a truly Bosnian opera.

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