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Sarajevo International Guitar Festival

Joaquin Rodrigo - Concierto andaluz for four guitars and orchestra

This week the Sarajevo Philharmonic played a concert for the Sarajevo International Guitar Festival. We played Concierto Andaluz (Andalusian Concerto) for four guitars and orchestra by Joaquín Rodrigo. I've never played a guitar concerto before, but I really enjoyed it. The four guitarists included Adi's brother Djani Šehu, Alexander Sweta (Austria), Zoran Krajsnik and Igor Mijatović. Check out the website for the festival, I believe it was sponsored by the Music Academy of Sarajevo : 

The four guitarists

We also performed the Beethoven trio for piano, violin and cello. First violinist Matea and our co-principal cellist Isak played the piece for their master's degree requirements from the Academy. There are only two horn parts so I hadn't been in rehearsal for it, but the performance went quite well. Isak and Matea are great players, and it was great to hear them outside the context of string tutti parts.

Matea (violin), Isak (cello) and Aleksandar (piano) performing the Trio

I took a somewhat shaky video of the first movement.

Today Kent and I drove to Croatia with Suad from the orchestra staff; we had to exit and re-enter the country in order to renew our white cards (basically a Bosnian green card, it allows us to work in the country). We stopped in Mostar on the way back, what a beautiful place to visit even for an hour. I had an amazing lunch called Mostarian Sahan, it was a few different meats wrapped in grape leaves, stuffed peppers and some kind of roast beef. It came with sour cream and I was in heaven.

Mostar - View from the Stari Most bridge

On the way back to Sarajevo

Best. Lunch. Ever.

The river was pretty wild today!

The drive to Croatia is chock full of tunnels through the mountainsides. 

We spent about 6 hours driving total, with the lunch stop it was an all-day event. But at least I can get my card updated and be legal... And I got to see the countryside instead of hanging out in the apartment on a cloudy/rainy day. 

This week we're performing Hasanaginica, finally! We've had performances of it booked before, but in the fall the conductor fell ill the night before, and the most recent scheduled performance was moved about 3 times before it was scheduled for Tuesday of this week. Hopefully third time's the charm and we actually get to play it! 


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