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Instrument Petting Zoo

Our violinist friend Anamarija was helping organizing a strings festival this week, and had asked Kent and I to be in the "Instrument Petting Zoo" last night. It was a fun event, I think some of the kids hadn't seen a horn or a trombone before! It's hard to demonstrate horn for little kids, most of them can't really hold it or figure out how to make a sound. Percussion instruments were very popular, and it made my language barrier even worse not being able to hear myself think. (None of my future children are playing percussion.)

But the kids who tried our horns were adorable, and got really excited when they could make a sound. One little boy didn't want to give the horn back right away, so I wonder what he thought. He didn't speak a word of English, so I showed him how to play with lots of gestures, blowing raspberries and nodding. I couldn't ask him if he liked it, but the look on his face said I may have gotten another horn addict hooked.

- E

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