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Today we went to the Plitviće National Park, about two and a half hours south of Zagreb. It never ceases to amaze me how cheap transportation can be in the Balkans. The bus ride was 5 hours round trip, and it only cost 180 kuna, about $30. We ended up on the same bus as a British guy staying at our hostel, so we stuck together for the journey out to the lakes.

We had to pay about $10 to enter the park, but it was totally worth it. The first waterfall on the trail we chose is the largest waterfall in Croatia.

It was a foggy and cold day, so unfortunately visibility was limited. But even with the weather, the park was beautiful. The water looked so clear and clean, I can only imagine how awesome it is in the springtime.
We're already planning to come back when it's warmer.

We made a couple snowmen along the way, the snow was perfect for packing. And snowball throwing.

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