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Porco Rosso is a great movie, we watched it last night before passing out at 9pm...

Today started bright and early, turns out this hostel provides some basic breakfast food and a full kitchen, so I bought some eggs and cheese for omelets. We decided to explore a bit more with no real direction in mind. Starting in the Trg Ban Josip was a fairly central place to begin, so we went to the bank there to change some money and start the day.

We found ourselves in St. Mark's Square, a UNESCO heritage site and a beautiful church. It seemed like a lot of government departments operate in the buildings of the square.

The old stone gate was close by.

We found the Croatian Naïve Art Museum near the gate, and it turned out to be a really beautiful genre. The paintings were done on glass with oils, and it made for a beautiful effect. They depict mostly rural and nature scenes, I wish I could have had taken pictures of my favorites but the museum staff were too attentive.

Afterward we went to the Oliver Twist Pub for a Guinness and cider.

We decided to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art just in case it was closed on Sunday. It ended up being an enormous place! On the way we found a hornist playing Christmas carols.

On the way back to the National Theater we found some graffiti with my name all over it.

The National Theater was beautiful, and the production of Hamlet was amazing. The woman singing Ophelia was fantastically insane.

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