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After an 8-hour overnight bus, we arrived in Zagreb at 6am. I had written down the name of a hostel a few blocks away, and it turned out to be one of the nicest hostels I could have imagined. The receptionist let us check in at 6:30 and prepared our beds, so we got a nap before the first day exploring. The main square in Zagreb was called Trg Ban Josip, with a big horse statue dominating the center. We saw a few pictures in a brochure from summertime, and the square is packed. This time of year, a temporary beer hall-style tent had been put up for Advent u Zagrebu, Zagreb Christmas, along with a stage for live music at night. We stopped in the tent to see what it was, and ended up having sausages in bread (no bread for me, of course) and coffee for breakfast.

We wandered up the road to the main cathedral, the tower is still being repaired but it was a pretty church.

Kent isn't too fond of maps, so we wandered on the eastern side of the city for a while.

There's a lot of interesting public art in Zagreb.

Kent found a basketball court..

We ended up finding a random contemporary art gallery that was pretty cool. Admission prices here are amazingly cheap, it was about $2.50 to get into the gallery. Some of the art was difficult to understand, given the language barrier and cultural differences, but it was still a worthwhile stop.

Afterwards we kept wandering...

Despite the rain, we found an exhibit of Steve McCurry photography (he photographed the "Afghan girl" for National Geographic). I was a good patron and didn't take pictures, but Kent did so I'll try to post some when he gets his pictures on his computer in three months.

We also bought tickets to see Hamlet (opera) at the Croatian national theater.

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