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Cyber Monday

Yesterday we were treated to a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner by Ivana's friends from the embassy, Colin and Dee. Dee cooked an incredible dinner, and everything was gluten free except the pumpkin pudding! She made stuffing out of corn and buckwheat flours, and tweaked the gravy to be gluten free. I was so thankful just for that, I haven't had stuffing in years. They lived in a beautiful penthouse apartment in near the BBI Centar in Sarajevo, close to the theater where we work. Apparently they love American washing machines enough to import one to this assignment... And they gave me a bag of cheesy GOLD. Kraft Sharp Cheddar. I had a cheddar omelette for breakfast today and almost died of happiness.  

This week is free for me. Chihiro, Kent and Lindsey have to play Alma tomorrow for a reprise performance, and then we're all off until December 7. The girls are going to London and Dublin, and me and Kent are hitting the road for Zagreb and possibly another stop. We don't really plan ahead unless we have to. It's about 7 hours bus ride to Zagreb, and we can get to other cities from there if we feel like it but there's supposed to be plenty of things to see in Croatia's capital. And hosteling this time of year is so easy, no one is out vacationing so most of the places are pretty available!
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