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More Recording

And the torture continues with more recording. At least this one isn't a video, so I can do it in my comfy pants without putting my face on, as my mother would say. I'm really glad to have so much time to accomplish these things though, I would always end up waiting till the last minute or not applying for things because of school and poor planning. But these days I actually have to invent things to do, so I have plenty of time to write little essays and make recordings for everything that will take me.

It's been good to do all these recordings anyways, I should record myself more often when I'm practicing. You can hear yourself much better, and understand the how the things you're doing are translating to the listener. Or not translating, in the case of my dynamics in a lot of quieter excerpts. I need to be more liberal with the "stage makeup," and do things more drastically. So the progress I feel I'm making is worth the annoyance, and without having these projects to keep me occupied with I would probably be spending more slobodan dan on Reddit than doing anything useful.

In other news, I've gone jogging twice in the last two days. I just want to let the Internet know so when I think about not jogging I can imagine everyone judging my laziness. You can't eat a jar of Nutella every week and not expect consequences...

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