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After 3.5 weeks of sweet freedom, I had to actually work again for two days this week. Unbelievable, right? I finally finished the DVD I worked on last week after getting back from Hungary, and to celebrate I went to see Skyfall with Kent, Mattia and Morena.

This was our makeshift recording studio:

Skyfall was a great movie, and we saw an event going on for a later showing with Martinis and a red carpet with union jacks all over the place.

I bought a huge popcorn for dinner and an ice-less coke, the whole outing was less than $10. Go Bosnia for fighting high movie ticket prices!

Kent and Mattia with Martinis: (we learned in Europe, there's a brand of liqueur type stuff called martini, so when we ordered Martinis we did not get gin and vermouth. I only wonder what would have come to the table if we ordered dirty Martinis...)

The next day, I suffered the indignity of having to work for a living with a run through of Cinderella, the Strauss ballet. We performed it the next night, the audience was pretty rowdy as there were a lot of kids there to see their friends I suppose. We got a late start after a lot of shushing, but I think everyone really enjoyed it. I played those Viennese waltz off beats like a champ. I wish I could see the ballerinas, the costumes looked amazing and I'm kind of enamored with watching ballet.

The kids up in the nose bleeds:

The horns in the pit:

Now we have the weekend off, which usually consists of Internet surfing, practicing and excessive cleaning.

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