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This week has been full of sleeping and practicing for an audition tape I'm making. We had a great week in Budapest, but you don't realize how tiring traveling is until you're home!

On Tuesday night, we were invited to an election night event by the American ambassador in Sarajevo. We met him at the Denyce Graves concert, and he was kind enough to invite us out to the Sarajevska Pivnica (brewery) for the party. We even got fancy invitations!

The brewery was really nice. Kent, Lindsay and Chihiro ate there while me and Becca were in Budapest, so luckily they knew where it was. One of the hardest parts of living here is that Sarajevo isn't totally searchable on Google maps, and the streets aren't always clearly labeled. When we entered and passed through the metal detector and security check (this was an American event, after all....) we could cast "ballots" in an unofficial survey of who everyone favored. The results ended up Obama 159, Romney 15, and two write in candidates - the American ambassador to Bosnia, Patrick Moon, and Ron Paul, courtesy of yours truly. I'm probably related to him, so I figured he deserved a shout out.

It was a great night, and the food was amazing. There was a huge table piled with cheese, sausages, salads, chicken, bread, pasta salad, etc. I ate some killer cheese, I wish I knew what it was. We had free wine and beer from the brewery, I of course stuck to the red wine and it was delicious. Kent and the ladies couldn't stop talking about the dark beer, so I think that was a hit too. We saw the "sushi guy" playing with the jazz band, he recognized us (I think mostly Chihiro) and had us come meet the rest of the band. He runs the only sushi place in town, and when we ate there a few weeks ago he said he played sax with some local guys. Sarajevo is such a small city! The band plays at the little brewery on Monday nights, so we're going to try and see them next week. The ambassador was happy to see us, and I also made friends with a former speechwriter for a USAID in DC. He's now living in Athens to write a book, so hopefully when we visit Greece this spring he can find us a free couch or at least have good restaurant recommendations. I thought it was hilarious that of all the people to talk to, I found a guy from LA who doesn't live in Bosnia. I stayed up till 6am to find out who won, and happily slept much of yesterday away after Obama won California. I'm not terribly political, but I try to stay informed and was a little worried about the thought of President Romney...

I'm looking forward to making this recording over the weekend, and I'm glad I don't have to play Alma with the orchestra while I'm doing it. The requirements say you don't have to do it one track, so I'm going to try and string as much together as possible, but it's a relief to not have to play 9 excerpts and a full Mozart concerto in one go. I'm hoping it goes well quickly, and I don't have to spend 4 days recording. (I also hope I can get a job out of it!!)

I'm kind of a celebrity...

Back in Sarajevo