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Back in Sarajevo

I never thought sitting on a train for 12 hours would be that hard, but it was actually getting to be torture towards the end. We made it back around 10:15pm last night, and found out the trains back to Otes weren't running because of a state holiday. I hailed us a cab, and our driver turned out to be a really nice guy. He apparently loves Whitney Houston, and I always think it's interesting that people here are conscious of American sports teams. He said he likes the Chicago Bulls, and knew what the Boston Celtics were. If someone tells me about sports here I'm like, wait, football with the pigskin or the black and white one? We arrived back in time for the Halloween party we planned last month. We had been scheduled to arrive at the station by 9:20pm, so it was later than we expected but we still had fun at the party! I got out the dirndl from Oktoberfest and luckily managed to aim the inevitable wine spill towards the black apron rather than the white shirt. Like a champ.

Today was relaxingly void of any itinerary or obligation, other than reacquainting myself with Ricco. I had a long Skype chat, and broke into the Starbucks stash I bought in Hungary. I think Kent and I may die of happiness this week from a steady diet of Starbucks coffee. I used my PETE from Warburton while we were gone, and I think it made a difference when I practiced this afternoon. I wouldn't say it felt like I hadn't been away from the horn for 6 days, but it didn't feel as bad as I would have expected. This next couple days will be a practice marathon, I'm making an audition recording as soon as I'm back in proper shape. The sooner it's done, the sooner I can get a ticket to somewhere and enjoy the rest of my week off thanks to Alma!

Elections and Slobodan Dan

Lizst Ferenc and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart