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Mostly Pest with a little Buda - day two

Now that I figured out how to blog on my phone, this somehow doesn't feel nearly as much like a chore. (My English is getting worse, I swear.)

Today is All Saints Day, since All Hallows' Eve was last night, but Rebecca and I didn't realize ASD was a national holiday in Hungary. So the House of Terror museum we planned to see was closed, as well as many shops and other places of interest we could have seen instead. We did a 2.5 hour free walking tour this morning that turned out to be amazing, the guide was incredible and knew tons of things about Hungarian history. We saw St. Stephen's Basilica, the Fisherman's Bastion, Parliament from a distance, Castle Hill, the castle in a cave, and a number of other things on both sides of the river. Despite the rain and cold it was a great tour, and our guide had a good sense of humor about the situation. The company running the tour is part of a collective called United Europe Free Walking Tours or something of that nature, and the group offers free tours in a number of cities near Sarajevo. I'm definitely looking them up again, it was tip based but they don't even mention it until the very end. We gave her 1100 forints, she totally deserved it.

Tonight we're heading to a pub, since they certainly don't close for holidays. I think we'll go to bed early so we can be up and walking by 8. We're going up to the top of the hill with the Liberty Statue, to the train station to check when the train leaves for Sarajevo tomorrow, and then to the House of Terror by 10. We've got to do some souvenir shopping and possibly a museum or another walking tour before the concert at 7:30! I'm really glad we didn't try to go to Vienna in between like we originally thought. There's a lot more to do here than I realized, plus we decided we'd wait for the rest of our group and go together to Vienna, we all really want to go there. So there's plenty to do tomorrow before catching the early train back to Bosnia... Good thing we have 11 hours to sleep!

A-walking we will go, rain or shine.

Emporer Franz Josef, the guy who decided Pest needed to be as pretty as Paris, and coughed up the cash to turn it from river village to fabulous (but the state opera had to be smaller than Vienna's, to preserve fragile egos).

I don't know what this was but it looked like tons of fun.

Apparently many cities in Europe now have love lock displays. Our tour guide put one here when she was married.

According to the tour guide, "Eye candy for the ladies on top, guys look a bit lower!"

I touched the Little Princess' knee to make my wish come true...

Our tour guide with a retired police officers' statue. Rub his belly for good luck with dining.

Fisherman's Bastion.

St. Stephen's. We get to hear Mozart here tomorrow!!

She didn't even have an umbrella... Wrapped her bag up in the burrito case like a boss.

King/Saint/everyone loves Stephen is EVERYWHERE.

Guide to the Fisherman's Bastion for the blind.


Falcon guy was here in 2006, too... He didn't remember me.

Castle Hill

This is my kind of graffiti.

Collage for the win!

It's like the New York Public Library on steroids.

Still not sure why this is called the Chain Bridge, but it sure is lovely.

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Location:Vajdahunyad utca,Budapest VIII. kerület,Hungary

Lizst Ferenc and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Buda + Pest = Budapest