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Rebecca and I are in Budapest tonight, we had some unexpected time off from the orchestra (thank God for two horn operas) so we got on the next train for Hungary! We spent the day today walking around the city and stopping for whatever struck our fancy. We stayed in a mini hotel last night, but found acool hostel for the rest of the week that cost almost 1/3 of the price. I'm exhausted from all the walking, even though it's only 8:52pm I think I'll head to bed soon. We're doing a guided walking tour tomorrow, so we'll get a little history on the things we see, which is always more interesting. We saw the kings square and a lot of other random things along the way - The square:

Tacos locos for dinner!! Olympic spirit, Hungarian style The square of kings reminded us of the Stark family crypt in Game of Thrones... In the park by the King's Square Walking to the kings This is the European perspective of New York, apparently... Only Mexican places seem to be aware of Halloween. I'll have to find the same picture I have from 2006 at this statue! STARBUCKS there is a God and he loves me. That's one way to up cycle. Entertaining benches.

The market hall. Watch out for pirates! Boba. We're not in rehearsal and that building is pretty. Happy. No we did NOT eat McDonald's out of desperation and want of free wifi. This is the hostel: (didn't get a shot of our room cause there's a girl reading) I got a collage app. Uh oh. I'm tired. Bedtime. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Location:Vajdahunyad utca,Budapest VIII. kerület,Hungary

Mostly Pest with a little Buda - day two

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