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Violin Concerto and Slobodan Dan

Our first “real” orchestra concert was on Friday night, the repertoire was Mozart Symphony 29, Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn, and the Sibelius Violin Concerto. The soloist was Alena Baeva, she was incredible! Her sound was wonderful, and she played with such ease and passion that was a pleasure to watch. There were some shaky moments in the Brahms, but everyone got back on track and overall the concert was good. Alena was really the highlight of the program, and the audience loved her. She played an encore after coming out three times to bow, I wish I knew what it was!
We had a review on a Bosnian website, I plugged it into Google Translate and it’s a pretty terrible translation.. but here’s the link to the original Bosnian anyways:
According Alisa, the incredibly awesome orchestra lawyer that’s been helping us with EVERYTHING, there’s a sentence in there about the Americans joining the orchestra being “so refreshing,” and how the brass section sounds so much better with us. Representing American brass playing FTW!
So now we have almost 2 1/2 weeks of “slobodan dan,” days off. Alisa helped us rent a car (which is cheaper than 5 train or bus tickets!) so we can drive to Oktoberfest!! We’ve rented an apartment on Airbnb, and will have the car for the whole week. Tomorrow we’re driving to Munich, we’ll spend 3 days enjoying the city and then drive back to Sarajevo before we forget how to play our instruments. Then we’re headed to Split, Croatia to see Rebecca’s aunt (her cruise is in Split for one day) and spending two nights in an apartment on the coast in Strobeč, about 5km away from Split. This will sound like a total plug for Airbnb, but each night is only costing us each about $30, it’s crazy! I’m looking forward to the time for travel, and driving in a foreign country… haha. Watch out, Germany, Erin’s got a car.

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